How To Get Scholarships In Canada For Undergraduates 2023 Updated

How To Get Scholarships In Canada For Undergraduates

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Here is the best explanation on how to get scholarships in Canada for undergraduates. Canada is a popular location for overseas students. The country’s cultures, languages, and educational systems are diverse. The Canadian government offers international students scholarships to study in Canada. This can be accomplished through the Canadian embassy in your native country or by applying directly to a Canadian university. There are numerous scholarships available for international students studying in Canada. Some of these scholarships are funded by the Canadian government, while others are provided by particular Canadian institutions and colleges.

This post will go over several scholarships to Canada for international students as well as how to apply for scholarships in Canada for international students. Apply for the University of Michigan Dearborn Scholarship 2022 in the United States as well (Funded). Scholarships are available from the Canadian government to international students wishing for a chance to study in Canada. The scholarship program is open to international students who have been accepted to a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada and intend to pursue full-time studies there.

The Canadian government also offers scholarships to international students who are currently enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary institution. Students who meet the eligibility criteria and expect to complete their studies within two years can apply for the International Student Award.



How much GPA needed for Scholarships in Canada for International Students?

Before we go straight into the detail of how to get scholarships in Canada for undergraduates, lets check out this particular section, for it counts as another important information to look at.

To be eligible for a scholarship, a student must have a good GPA. It is critical to understand in order to achieve the highest potential GPA. How much GPA is required for a Canadian scholarship?

On a 4-point scale, the minimal criteria for a student applying for a scholarship is normally 2.67 for an Undergraduate Degree Scholarship and 3.0 for a Graduate Degree Scholarship.

Scholarships are typically provided based on a student’s academic performance, which typically entails receiving excellent grades in courses. As a result, there is no one-size-fits-all response to how much GPA you need for a scholarship in Canada; instead, it will depend on the institution you are applying to and the exact scholarship-program.




When Should You Apply for Canadian University Scholarships?

Not just going straight to detail the ways on how to get scholarships in Canada for undergraduates, knowing the time for application, to avoid late application is also very necessary too.

The best time to apply for scholarships in Canada and its universities is determined by the application deadlines listed on either the university portal or the scholarship portal.

You are automatically eligible if you have been picked by the institution for a specific scholarship based on your strong academics or co-curricular activities.

Those interested in applying for a scholarship must complete the application form before the deadline. Before you may apply for a scholarship, you must first accept your acceptance to a Canadian university.



Scholarship Eligibility Criteria in Canada

Here in this section of the topic on how to get scholarships in Canada for undergraduates we look at the criteria and eligibility for this scholarships as well.

The program in which you have been admitted is your first priority in terms of eligibility. If you have been accepted for an undergraduate course, you cannot apply for a master’s scholarship.

The basis for the scholarship is then determined: academics, athletics, cultural skill, social work, or family standing. If you are a state or national champion in your sport in India, you will be eligible for athletic-based scholarship schemes.

When you apply for scholarships in Canada and its universities, your English proficiency exams, such as IELTS or TOEFL, become an eligibility requirement.



The Application Procedure

This part of the article ( how to get scholarships in Canada for undergraduates ) explains the application process of these scholarship programs in full detail.

The process of applying for scholarships at Canadian universities often begins after you have been accepted to a Canadian university. You make a list of the scholarships that best suit your situation and check to see whether you are eligible.

Once you’ve finished the list, either contact the scholarship’s financial aid representative or check for the relevant information (deadlines, specific conditions, etc.) on their websites.

Before you begin filling out your scholarship form, prepare the following documents, which must be included to your application:

  • Online application form of the university in Canada
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • All academic transcripts
  • Certificates that prove your eligibility
  • Statement of Intent- Why do you want this scholarship?
  • Aptitude test score (GMAT, SAT, GRE, etc)
  • Proof of English Proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, etc)
  • Medical Test results (optional)


How To Get Scholarships In Canada For Undergraduates


What if your Scholarship is not approved in Canada?

This is an important section to look at and the last as well, then we shall continue to the list of ways on how to get scholarships in Canada for undergraduates.

A scholarship sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? However, there is a potential that you will not be awarded. The number of awards and funding available for each scholarship are restricted. So, what can you do to ease your family’s financial burden? The best thing is that you may tell your visa authorities that you wish to work while you study, and you will be able to work 20 hours per week and earn up to CAD.16.45 per hour.



How To Get Scholarships In Canada For Undergraduates

From This Line Down Is The Full Detail On How To Get Scholarships In Canada For Undergraduates


Good Grades and High Test Scores

Good grades here tops our list of ways on how to get scholarships in Canada for undergraduates. Good grades throughout high school and (if applicable) community college demonstrate your academic prowess and can boost your chances of getting a scholarship greatly. Ideally, you should strive for a minimum GPA of 3.0, however each scholarship has its own requirements, and higher is always preferable. Furthermore, strong scores on academic benchmark tests such as the SAT,2 ACT, or GRE considerably improve your scholarship chances.


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Extracurricular Activities and Community Participation

This is another top best way on how to get scholarships in Canada for undergraduates. Extracurricular activities display your versatility and help you demonstrate the qualities that scholarships seek. Serving as president of a club, for example, demonstrates leadership abilities. Volunteering in non-school-related activities or community involvement might also assist. Working in a soup kitchen and assisting elderly or physically challenged neighbors are two good examples. Request letters from the groups or individuals you assist as confirmation of your humanitarian work for your scholarship application.


Letters of Recommendation

Here we talk abut the letters of recommendation and all that concerns, as it is indeed one of the how to get scholarships in Canada for undergraduates.

Recommendation letters can help you get a scholarship by having someone in a position of authority advocate for you. Look for high-ranking members of your school, a non-profit organization, a relevant industry, or your neighborhood. The letter should state how long the individual has known you, why they believe you are a strong scholarship applicant, their credentials, and their contact information. Aim for one to three relevant recommendation letters if possible.


Considered and thorough application

Take your time writing your scholarship application and make sure you include all required documentation. Some scholarships may require essays, tests, or other forms of documentation. You should also include recommendation letters, proof of identification, transcripts, proof of English language competency, and a purpose statement or letter of motivation, in addition to a completed application form. Many scholarships also demand medical documentation and confirmation of vaccinations, however these requirements vary.


How To Get Scholarships In Canada For Undergraduates


List Of Some Available Scholarships

As we are done listing the best ways on how to get scholarships in Canada for undergraduates, from this section is the list of these scholarship programs and links to their platforms.


1. Presidents International Distinction Scholarship

The President’s International Distinction Scholarship, offered by the University of Alberta in Edmonton, which U.S. News ranks as a top worldwide university3, is available to first-year international students with excellent academic records and demonstrated leadership skills. This coveted award normally pays out over four years, with students receiving up to $120,0004 throughout that time. It requires an official study permission and is open to students from all nations.

Link To Scholarship Website


2. Undergraduate Scholarship for May Quon

The May Quon Undergraduate Scholarship is open to undergraduate students who are legal residents of China or Hong Kong. During that time, this four-year scholarship can pay up to $45,0005. Students must have an official study permit, an outstanding academic record, and demonstrated leadership qualities in order to apply. This award is not restricted to any specific field of study; however, winners must maintain a GPA of at least 3.50 and carry a full course load in order for the scholarship to be extended beyond the first year.

Link To Scholarship Website


3. Canada Vanier Graduate Scholarship

Although this funding program is not specifically designed for international students, they are invited to apply for PhD studies. To be eligible for the $150,000 scholarship, which is divided over three years,6 candidates must be nominated by the university of their choice and complete all qualifying requirements. Part-time students with qualifying disabilities or family responsibilities who are unable to pursue PhD studies full-time may also be eligible. All students must be pursuing their first doctorate degree and enrolled in a program with a significant research component that results in a dissertation, thesis, scholarly publication, or other measurable outcome.

Link To Scholarship Website




4. Future African Leaders

This scholarship program, inspired by Nelson Mandela’s lifelong commitment to equity and justice for all citizens, is meant for students from Sub-Saharan African countries pursuing graduate degrees in finance, public administration, and policy at Canadian universities. A professional development component is also included, which includes mentorship programs, networking events, and webinars. In addition, students will complete a case study of their native countries. Candidates must be between the ages of 22 and 35 and hold an undergraduate degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. The scholarship covers round-trip flights to and from home, tuition, and allowances for resource materials and living expenses. 7

Link To Scholarship Website


5. Scholarship for International Students at the University of Waterloo

Every year, the University of Waterloo awards 20 $10,0008 scholarships to new international students. Recipients must have been admitted to the first year of their degree program and have excelled academically in secondary school. This grant is offered to students from all nations and is available for any degree program. This program requires English proficiency. Incoming students are not required to fill out a scholarship application. The application for admission of a student determines their eligibility.

Link To Scholarship Website





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