How to Become a Medical Doctor in Russia (10 Easy Steps)

how to become a medical doctor in russia

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How to become a medical doctor in Russia (10 Easy Steps): The world’s largest nation is Russia. It is a developed nation with many conveniences, greater living standards, and a top-notch healthcare system.

It is a well-known fact that people from all over the world come to Russia for medical care. Due to the nation’s growing need for medical personnel, many people in Russia aspire to become medical professionals. In Russia, medical professionals receive generous pay. I’ll give advice on how to become a doctor in Russia in this manual.


Why become a doctor in Russia?

There are many prestigious medical universities in Russia. Both MCI UNESCO and WHO (World Health Organization) accept the medical program’s degrees. Both the tuition and the cost of lodging are reasonable.

The majority of the tuition charge is actually subsidized. Due to the demand, accessibility, and income, it is one of the greatest locations to practice.

how to become a medical doctor in russia


How to Become a Medical Doctor in Russia (10 Easy Steps)

1. Why Become a Doctor in Russia?

This is the very first step in how to become a medical doctor in Russia. Today, Russia is a developed country with a rising standard of living, a wealth of natural resources, and a number of global leaders in various fields, including medicine.

Russia is known for treating a wide range of disorders, and this reputation also helps the nation draw in a lot of foreign medical professionals. Furthermore, it pays well.

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2. Russian requirements for becoming a doctor in Russia

This is the second step in how to become a medical doctor in Russia. Russian can be quite challenging to learn, especially for non-Slavic speakers, as it has a very distinct structure from other widely spoken languages and employs the Cyrillic alphabet rather than the more widely used Latin alphabet, which will be an additional challenge for most speakers.

The pronunciation and sentence construction differ significantly from what most people are accustomed to. Having said that, learning Russian can be accomplished with more time and effort, just like learning everything else in life, especially if you regularly talk with native speakers.

Being a doctor in Russia certainly requires speaking at least a basic level of Russian to communicate with coworkers and patients, but English-speaking medical professionals are also in high demand in the country’s private sector since they can communicate with upper-middle-class overseas patients.

how to become a medical doctor in russia

3. Study in Russian Medical Schools if possible

This is the third step in how to become a medical doctor in Russia. Studying medicine at a Russian university is one of the largest steps you may make on the road to becoming a doctor there. This will help you learn the language much more quickly and will also help you get ready for living and working in the nation.

The greatest universities in the world, including those in Russia, draw a lot of international students, and medical programs are no exception. In fact, with about 50,000 students, mostly from surrounding nations, Asia, and the Middle East, medicine is the field with the highest demand for foreigners.

Russian medical universities exclusively grant bachelor’s degrees in nursing. A specialty degree program taking about 6 years to complete is necessary to become a general practitioner. Residency is necessary for further specialization, which takes an additional 2 to 4 years. Programs in both Russian and English are accessible.


4. Required Tests

This is the fourth step in how to become a medical doctor in Russia. You must first finish a few processes and meet a few conditions in order to be eligible for a medical license in Russia. There are additional procedures that must be followed for foreign doctors, such as temporary registration with the Public Registry of Medical Professionals.

Foreign doctors who want to work or finish their postgraduate studies in Russia should apply for temporary registration. The link above allows you to view the numerous paperwork that must be submitted.

The Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science has issued a certificate among them (a body in the Russian Federation which is able to legally recognize foreign qualifications on the territory of the Federation).

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5. Residency

This is the fifth step in how to become a medical doctor in Russia. All graduates are expected to do residency training at a Russian hospital, and the duration of the residency is determined by the area of expertise.

The non-surgical residency is one year less than the three years for the surgical residency. A few residency programs are also offered in English, which is perfect for postgraduate foreign students.


6. Getting Medical License in Russia

This is the sixth step in how to become a medical doctor in Russia. You must receive a medical license from the Ministry of Health in order to legally practice medicine in Russia. You must submit the required paperwork to the regulatory organization in order to receive the license, which is a rather simple process. The list of documents is available here (in Russian).

Depending on a few variables, such as the quantity of candidates, the entire procedure can take anywhere between 1.5 and 3 months. Within the boundaries of the Russian Federation, the license is valid forever after it has been granted.

The license will need to be obtained again in a few circumstances, including those involving a change of address, a change of place of employment, and a few other situations of a similar nature.


7. Getting a Work Visa for Doctors

This is the seventh step in how to become a medical doctor in Russia. Regardless of their profession, all foreign citizens who desire to work in Russia must obtain a work visa and a work permit. The visa application process will be significantly simplified if the applicant qualifies as a Highly Qualified Specialist (HQS) and has a starting salary of over 167.000 rubles (2.300 EUR) per month.

In addition, HQS employees are granted permits and visas that are valid for three years rather than the usual visa’s one-year duration. The majority of medical professionals, especially those with experience, will probably fall into the HQS category.

You can apply for a visa at the Russian consulate closest to you. There, you’ll have to present all the relevant paperwork, including your passport and your medical degree.

Additionally, you will require sponsorship from a hospital with a presence in Russia, so you must locate employment before requesting a visa or traveling to Russia. None of these prerequisites are necessary for citizens of CIS nations, as they are free to travel and begin working as medical professionals in Russia with only their national passport.

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8. Starting your own practice or finding hospitals to work in Russia

This is the eightheth step in how to become a medical doctor in Russia. Since there are staff shortages in Russian state hospitals as a result of Russian doctors leaving the country due to low pay and unfavorable working conditions, finding a job shouldn’t be too challenging.

But as this is obviously not ideal for foreign doctors arriving in Russia, the majority of them search for employment in a private hospital instead, which provides much greater pay and a more satisfying working environment.

Due to the new incentives provided by the Russian government to entice international physicians to the nation—which we will discuss in the following section—spots at these hospitals are extremely competitive.

A medical license for your practice is required in order to open your own practice in Russia. You must demonstrate your expertise and experience, as well as the presence of the required tools and staff, in order to obtain the license.

how to become a medical doctor in russia

10. Procedure for foreign-trained doctors to become a doctor in Russia

This is the tenth step in how to become a medical doctor in Russia. Since 2018, international doctors without a medical license have been able to relocate and begin working in Russia. The Russian government took this action in an effort to discourage the vast number of citizens who travel overseas for medical care.

The ramifications of the plan are still uncertain because it is too early to predict them, but the reality is that any foreign-trained doctor can relocate to Russia and begin working in a private facility without too many difficulties. This will mostly affect established and experienced foreign-trained doctors because it will be nearly impossible for young graduates to find employment at several of these elite facilities.

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In Conclusion

Russia is a developed nation with cutting-edge medical and healthcare services. Due to the higher living standards and generous pay, it is an excellent area to practice. Comparatively to many other areas, medical education is likewise considerably more economical.

To summarize, in order to become a doctor in Russia, you must meet the requirements for admission to a reputable medical school, finish your MD, complete the internship, get a medical license, and pursue residency if you want to specialize. An employment visa and work permit are required for foreign nationals.

I hope the information presented above answers any queries you may have had about how to become a doctor in Russia.


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